Already as a child I was highly interested in electrotechnology with a special tendency towards radio technology. I modified my first transistor radio receiver T100 of VEB Sternradio Berlin in such way that one day I made a desperate and finally lucky attemp to invent and rebuilt the whole thing completely new, means I put in a new circuit with a self constructed circuit board (in that time still made of hard paper). I reused only the surface with all its buttons, switches and scale indicator . This “new” T100 worked on all wave bands (L-M-S). I was 15 ye ars old and actually only wanted to spice up a bit my long and expansive saved up "T100" for using it for ham radio.

As a teenager I naturally got in contact with the amateur radio section of our city Zwickau, though first mainly as a more passive SWL member without a sending license. With beginning my studies I got to the point where I had to decide whether I would stay faithful to the ham radio or if I would give my priority to music.

I finally choose music, but with a serious intention maybe one day to take the nessecary test in order to get a official sending license.


35 years later…

A long time has passed before it finally happened: In 2006 I acquired my “beginner license” to start with. Since 2010 you can find and hear me as OM (=Old Man) with the call signal DL9JGO on all ham radio bands.

My highly valued colleague OM Andreas (DL4JAL) seperates all radio amateurs into two groups: Some mainly like to "tinker", others are more often “on air”. The last few years I belonged to the first gro up, but now things are changing..


My Station

  • 2x20m dipol, 8m over ground (420m over sea level), direction E-W, feeder 7m
  • Balanced 1KW coupler (self-made) like DL1SNG, control unit in shack
  • 6 band hexbeam (foldingantennas.com)
  • SDR-transceiver 200W (self-made) like PIC-a-STAR (G3XJP)
  • Elecraft Panadapter P3
  • Yaesu FT-991
  • 1K2 LDMOS-PA (self-made)
  • QRP-transceiver (self-made)
  • SWR-meter (DJ9PK)
  • Diamond X-50
  • Maas T YT-8600
  • Maas AHT-2-UV
  • Lingua Extractor
  • nitPIC Noise Reduction System
  • SDRPlay RSP2pro

Home Brew Projects


PIC-a-STAR Combo

  • SDR-TRX like G3XJP and VK3PE
  • 200W PEP
  • with integrated DSP, no external software is needed (thus no notebook)
  • PA integrated like G6ALU (20W) with mods DK5NOA and DL9JGO
  • PA integrated like DK5NOA (200W)
  • Switching possibility to QRP (only little PA)
  • Touchscreen-TFT-Color-Display
  • Band pass filters with toroids
  • Additional AM receiving
  • Low pass filters like G4TZR and mods DK5NOA and DL9JGO
  • Keyer (lambic A, lambic B)
  • Automatic fan control
  • CAT-control (TS-2000)
  • AFSK-control
  • Dynamic range -134dBm (@10dB S/N) ..... +10dBm


screenshots --->


  • 10-Band-TRX
  • at most 20 Watt PEP, infinitely variable
  • for supply system on board 13,8V
  • 9 MHz-Exciter like DK3SP with high level mixer SBL1MH and crystal filter 2,4KHz band width
  • DDS-VFO like DL4JAL
  • Band filter unit with switched pre-amplifier / attenuator
  • Logic unit
  • Attenuator with pin-Diodes to manual control of transmitter power
  • PA like G6ALU and mods DK5NOA and DL9JGO
  • Low pass filters
  • Directional coupler like DL4JAL
  • AGC on/off/automatic/manually
  • Keyer


screenshots --->
QRP-Transceiver DL9JGO


  • Frequency range 1,8 - 70 MHz
  • Power typ. 1kW PEP
  • IMD3 typ. 36dBc
  • CAT-Control possible
  • -60dB-Side chain output 
  • Automatic fan control (5 monitoring points) 
  • Processor control and monitoring
  • protection features:  
  • current - temperature - input power - reflected power - mismatch


screenshot --->




statistic report (since 14-09):

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